New Website & Teaching Piano!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website and my first blog post - hopefully the start of many more. First of all, I'd like to state that the purpose of my new website is not just to advertise my own services, but to share my own teaching methods and materials. If you head over to my Teaching Materials page now, you can view and download all the resources that I have created. I tend to make new materials on a weekly basis, so make sure you check back regularly.

My aim with this blog is to share as much information around learning the piano as possible. I will try to share my methods of teaching, my approach to certain common problems, as well as the tools and techniques I use for arranging and composing. If anyone has any questions about a particular topic or issue, then hit me up at and I'll try help you as best I can.

I will also be posting a link to my weekly guest posts for, who run an interactive piano learning app, so stay tuned for this as well!

Thanks for reading! And stay tuned for my upcoming posts.

Oh! I almost forgot to new teaching piano! A brand new Kawai K-300. It sounds and plays beautifully, and I look forward to using it to make some performance and tutorial videos, so stay tuned!

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